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    La Ronde

    What a day! I had one of the most amazing experiences at Montreal. We found out that there was an amusement park at Saint Helen´s Island at Montreal. It´s called “La Ronde”. It’s from Six Flags and I have say, I had so much fun!  To get there you need to take the metro; yellow line in the direction Longueil. You have to get down on the Station Jean Drapeau. You can walk or either take a bus that will take you to the Park. This is a beautiful park, it has thematic and a lot of attractions. It has around 40 rides, including 10 roller-coasters. This park is the…

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    Niagara Falls Tour Boat

    Niagara Falls tour on Boat, it’s just amazing! Must do guys, must do! It’s a crime to go to Niagara on the Lake; visit Niagara Falls and not doing this.  Since we woke up that day I was extremely happy. We took breakfast and went walking from the hotel to the tour boat. It was really near, so we walked. We took Hornblower Niagara Cruises. It costs about $26 CAD for this travel to the falls. The ride mas incredible. We got to experience the mist and  listen to the strong sound of the falls. My heart was beating really fast. I was soo happy! I´m gonna let the photos…

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    L´holocauste Museum Level 2

    L’holocauste museum level 2 is on the second floor of the museum. This story is a very touching one. To keep explaining what we left in the last post. “L´holocauste Museum Level 1”. Nazis established over 20,000 camps. These camps and subcamps of concentration were to imprison “enemies of the State”. After an official government policy, the government created six death camps. The Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka were the bigger ones. They were all located in Poland where World War 2 began. In those camps, they killed a lot of Jews in the gas chambers. Because of these situations, a huge amount of people risked their lives to rescues…

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    Rock Climbing Montreal

    I fall in love for this activity! Oh my, I am such a fan of things that challenge me and make me face my fears. Last time I went to this amazing place to make Rock Climbing, the place is called “Zero Gravity Climbing & Yoga”. First time doing it and I love it! It was very challenging. I have to say that I don’t have the best physical condition that’s why it was really hard. The height was a little bit scary but it was all about keeping concentration. The worst was, for me were my arms. At the end of the activity I was feeling a lot of…

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    Mont Gabriel Skiing in Montreal

    Amazing experience in Mont-Gabriel Montreal, Quebec. One of the most beautiful places to do ski. Discover this amazing adventure with my friends and I. We try for the first time this winter sport, and we loved it. Follow me on: Instagram || Facebook || Youtube || Twitter || Bloglovin || Google || Pinterest Alessa Bernal Mont Gabriel Esquiando en Montreal Una increible experiencia en Mont Gabriel Montreal Quebec. uno de los mas bellos lugares para esquiar. Descubre la mas increible aventura con mis amigos y yo. Esquiamos por primera ves este deporte de invierno y lo amamos. Sigueme en: Instagram || Facebook || Youtube || Twitter || Bloglovin || Google || Pinterest Alessa Bernal