Toronto Graffiti Alley

Toronto Graffiti Alley is one of the most artistic place you´ll get to see at Toronto. For those who haven´t visit Toronto, there are streets decorated with Graffiti. These streets are famous because of it. They are really cool. 

We took a tour through these streets and we were impressed by the details of each graffiti.

There are a lot of types. There are also drawings that I considered beautiful. Some are in places I was like, how did they got there? That´s the beauty of downtown Toronto.

Alessa Bernal

Toronto Galería Grafiti Alley

Toronto, Es una de los lugares más artísticos que he visto en Toronto. Para aquellos que no han visitado Toronto, hay calles decoradas con grafiti. Estas calles son muy famosas por ellos. Están super cool.

Tomamos un tour entre estas calles y estábamos impresionadas por los detalles de cada grafiti. 

Hay de muchos tipos. También tienen dibujos que considero bonitos. Algunos de los lugares me hacían preguntarme como llegaron ahí. Eso sería la belleza de downtown Toronto.

Alessa Bernal

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  1. Toronto definitely has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to graffiti art. I remember seeing some when I used to live there but not nearly as much as in these photos. It would be nice to go exploring graffiti in the city one day. Thanks for sharing photos of the great artwork. Very colourful and vibrant!

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