Montreal city, view from the top

This city has shown me the most beautiful landscapes I´ve seen. There are several points in the city where you can see the entire island from the top.

I fall in love with the view, the white streets, and the weather and I think that is one of the most amazing places in Montreal. Here are some pictures of city; hope you guys love the view as much as I do.

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Alessa Bernal

La ciudad de Montreal, vista desde arriba

Esta ciudad me ha enseñado los más bellos paisajes que eh visto. Hay muchos puntos en la ciudad donde puedes ver la isla entera desde arriba.

Me enamora de la vista, las blancas calles y el clima y pienso que es uno de los lugares más increíbles en Montreal. Aquí están algunas fotos; espero se enamoren de la vista tanto como yo.

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Alessa Bernal

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  1. I’ve never even left Europe, so I am definitely living vicariously through your photographs. I would love to go to Montreal, and the city looks beautiful. Over here when it snows it just turns into a grey sludge, yet over there it looks like it settles really pretty. Glad you had a great time.

    Wandering Everywhere

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